Cori Heyman is a recent Clemson University graduate with roots in Georgia. After completing an internship for Famous Nathan, a documentary which debuted at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, she became a permanent resident of New York City to further her film studies. Stemming from a passion for film theory, Cori is currently seeking a master’s degree and contributing to the exciting independent film community of Brooklyn’s Bushwick area. With much wider access to films and the filmmaking process, Cori has been inspired to seek a creative outlet to share her commentary about cinema beyond mainstream Hollywood and film education.

Cori comes from a film history background and spent two years plotting and researching movie houses in rural South Carolina, most of which had long been forgotten.  She believes in the importance of film as “the seventh art” and its use as an education tool in a world full of screens. When Cori isn’t managing the local restaurant around the corner or chasing after the 4-year old she nannies, she spends a lot of time reading and binge watching films online. She considers Netflix and Amazon Instant Video the two greatest things to happen in the 21st century. It is her dream to write something acknowledged by Lars von Trier and grab a coffee with Wes Anderson.