Patrick McDonald has been a film critic and entertainment writer for seven years, chief tour guide for the Chicago Film Tour for six seasons, and a member of the Chicago Film Critics association for six years. He has made appearances on behalf of the film tour and general film topics on WGN Radio, Fox32 News, WGN-TV Morning News and “190 North” on ABC7 in Chicago.

He graduated from Indiana University with a Communications Degree and a Film Minor, and was an early adopter of blogging about film before joining becoming a professional critic in 2008. When asked on the film tour what the best movie of all time is, his answer is “whatever your favorite film is.”

Patrick McDonald also specializes in the film and personality interview, with favorites including Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, Richard Dreyfuss, director John Woo, Tim Gunn, Emma Stone, Robert Osborne, Channing Tatum, Director Lee Daniels, Halle Berry, Patty Duke, Monty Pythoner Terry Jones, Ed Asner, Brit Marling, Andy Samberg, Rob Reiner, Joan Rivers, Kevin Hart, Jason Schwarztman, Oliver Stone and Burt Reynolds.