Stephanie Huettner out of Austin, Texas is the producer of several short films, including The Garden and the Wilderness (chosen by the Houston Film Commission as one of the 6 best Texas short films of 2013) and Harvest Home. Stephanie’s other producing credits include The Peacemaker, Mighty Mutant Mollusks, Running Upside Down and I Am Nick Robinson (SXSW 2009).

Outside of her production work, Stephanie has also worked with several major film festivals, including the Austin Film Festival as Production Manager, SXSW as a Head Projectionist, and Miami International Film Festival as Print Traffic Coordinator.

As a writer, she has contributed to The Film Pilgrim, Widescreen Warrior and Cinerobot. She is currently a Film Screener for the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival, the Special Screenings and Event Coordinator for the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In and is the Media Manager/Assistant Editor at FloSports.

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